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"Gatsby" director <a href="Link Baz - Grumman future Washoe Chinese greeting fans | Director | GatsbyAugus <a href="Link t 30, directed by Baz - Luhrmann directed Leonardo - DiCaprio's love 3D film "The Great Gatsby" will be 2D / 3D / <a href="Link ring</a> IMAX format full release Chinese mainland , film director Baz - Grumman will also be invited t
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Ken suspend work of the Preparatory wedding island wedding in Sept <a href="Link ember,ring????????According to <a href="Link Hong Kong media reports, the 37-year-old former F4 member Ken now 34-year-old Chinese actress Han Wenwen fell in love more than a year,ring, in April this year in the woman's domicile Shenyang registrat <a href="Link i
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Steal the b <a href="Link ox office in 2013 amounted to 2.4 billion SARFT crackdown file | <a href="Link Movies Box Office | Film MarketIn recent years, the rapid development of the Chinese film industry, box office high Diego. However, behind the fire, there is a black hand evasion concealed box office. According to statistic <a href="Link s
Tong Liya Chen Sicheng praised publicly praised his <a href="Link wife "afforda <a href="Link ble",ringe?????????December 28, the movie "Chinatown Holmes" came to Guangzhou for the December 31 release nationwide publicity campaign, carrying the director Chen Sicheng Wang Baoqiang starring debut.?Because the play is a Ba <a href="Link ring</a> oqiang p
"From Vegas to Macau 3" Drama exposure Fage figh <a href="Link t against Andy Jacky | film | matchless,ring??????????1905 Film Network Film B <a href="Link ureau on July 14 announced the screenplay latest filing, project publicity,anelli, a lot of film story to light, such as "From Vegas to Macau 3", LinChaoXian <a href="Link new "Mekong acti
Central push to accelerate the development of residents or electricity su <a href="Link pplier can register the electricity supplier compa <a href="Link nies | E-Commerce | Users????????State Council executive meeting to determine the measures to accelerate the development of e-commerce, and foster new economic power and other <a href="Link m